We used Dow Corning's New Silastic "M" Silicone and Polytek's Poly-Optic "Water-Clear" Resins, to reproduce some rare Tail-light Lenses.

Dow Corning's NEW Silastic "M" Silicone worked wonders, when it came to capturing the detail of the lens, and now with the "M" Silicone, you don't have to worry about most common inhibitors, that would normally prevent other silicones from curing.

Polytek's Poly-Optic "Water-Clear" Resin was "just what the doctor ordered" for this project! Not only can you make crystal clear parts, you can also add coloring, for that personal touch. The Poly-Optic resin Tail-light Lenses not only looked good, they're also tough enough to fend off an attack from a ball-peen hammer!


It's on World of Collector Cars (TV episodes #1909-1913, also look for past episodes on "How to make a Jaguar hood ornament" #1710-1713)