Anyone can use this simple technique for fun and profit! NMRA


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Reproduce Almost Anything (U.K. edition) Vol. 1
The key accuracy in setting times and precision of mould manufacture so far, has been the hyper-accurate weighing of the silicone components concerned. Using the system outlined herein, Ben Ridge (no, he is not from 'Days of Our Lives'!), full-time inventor and University graduate in metal and plastics technology, shows us another way. The silicone system used can be mixed accurately by volume and the resultant mould can be of varying degrees of resilience, dependant upon requirements, and its setting is temperature sentitive. This is an excellent system for the beginner. We are told that, as long as you don't inject, the components are safe - so diabetics beware...

This video is not 'Die Hard', nor is it even 'Days of Our Lives', but it is frighteningly thorough. From a health and safety point of view it is flawless, and believe me, when the end titles come up you will feel like an expert. This guy gives some fantastic tips on eradication of air bubbles which are hell to any mould-maker. The 3D aniamtion is exceptional and gives all the imagined and invisible information that you could need.

What will you use it for? Well, in the modeller's case - anything! Complicated, compound angles and multi-directional curves such as MV mudguards and complex turret and wheel shapes, for example. As long as your original has integrity, anything is possible - I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Duncan Howarth, ("Video Review") Vol.7No.1 October 2002)


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“Molded in Your Image”

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“Anyone can use this simple technique for fun and profit!”


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"We've been so impressed with this video tape since we saw it, we can't wait to finish with this issue of the magazine, so we can try it out!"

If you can bake a cake, I can show you how to make your first Silicone mold! Review

"If you want to understand the basics of silicone molding, there is simply nothing else out there that offers as much information and insights contained in this one package. NOTHING.

The content of this tape is **NOT** designed to advance certain companies' internet propaganda / agenda / self-promotion. It does not contain hours upon hours of useless information or paperweight.

I have watched this tape and have consulted with Ben on the subject matter. Combined with detailed graphical illustration, Ben's experience and mastery over the subject matter, the tape is simply the best value you can and will find, on or off the internet".

by Jack Cheng


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"The process that Ben showed us is surprisingly simple. With just a few materials… anyone can make a silicone mold to reproduce parts made of plastic, metal-filled epoxies, low temp. metals, rubber, wax, plaster of Paris, and even chocolates * "

by Sidnee Cox